‘Let Them Eat Prozac’

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Tobin v SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

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5-21-2001 Opening Statements
5-22-2001 David Healy, J Maltsberger
5-23-2001 J Maltsberger, R Ewing, P Durant,  B Rossello, T Ogg, I Hudson
5-24-2001 I Hudson,  G Smith, B Smith, S Pettigrew, P Buchanan, P Tobin, D Marks, N Rienits, M Schell, N Hardy
5-29-2001 P Wang, S McGrath, J Lafferty, R Hardy
5-30-2001 K Tardiff, S Rozier, K Patel, K Nelson, V Haynes, R Wagner, M Suhaney, P Deans
5-31-2001 P Suhaney, I Mann
6-1-2001 I Mann, D Powers, A Merrell
6-4-2001 A Merrell, D Wheadon, J Maltsberger Rebuttal
6-5-2001 Closing Arguments
6-6-2001 Verdict

Letter to Judge Beaman
McGrath Exclusion Motion
The Daubert Motion