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Critical Documents

This section contains important exhibits from Fentress v Lilly and Forsyth v Lilly, and other critical documents relating to Zoloft and Paxil.  Further documents are available from the address shown on the home page.

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  • Fluoxetine Project Team Minutes 23rd July 1979
  • Fluoxetine Project Team Minutes 2nd August 1978
  • Early problems for Prozac in Germany 26th June 1984
  • Brickler Exhibit 1 – This document from 1986 contains complete data on suicide and suicide attempts from trials of Prozac at that time.
  • BMJ – One of the reviews of the Beasley meta-analysis of suicidal acts and suicidality on Prozac that was finally published in the British Medical Journal
  • Claude Bouchy – Memoranda from Claude Bouchy, CEO for Lilly in Germany to Lilly HQ on the coding of suicides 13th November 1990 with a response from Leigh Thompson of Lilly and a further reply from Claude Bouchy 14th November 1990
  • Fluctin Insert – Package insert fluoxetine in Germany, including warnings about the need for sedation in the early phase of treatment.
  • John Heiligenstein Response to request from Leigh Thompson for input on presenting the issue of suicide on Prozac in the media.
  • Leigh Thompson – Memorandum on his interactions with FDA managing the Suicide issue – 18th July1990,
  • Further memorandum from Leigh Thompson on the campaign to save Prozac 12th September 1990.
  • Memorandum from David Graham of the FDA on Lilly’s handling of the suicide and other issues 11th September 1990
  • Report from an anonymised influential British expert on the emerging suicide crisis, from exhibit 28 in the deposition of Laura Fludzinski in Fentress v Lilly Safety Report
  • A Quick Guide to the Suicide Data on Prozac from October 86 Suicide Attempts
  • Leigh Thompson on the perils of blockbusters  7th September 1990
  • Leigh Thompson’s forthcoming TV Appearance in defence of Prozac
  • Unpublished details from Dr S Montgomery’s trial of Prozac in recurrent brief depression Wernicke 21
  • Coding of washout suicidal acts as placebo suicidal acts in controlled trials of Sertraline 31st January 1991
  • Coding of washout suicidal acts as placebo suicidal acts in controlled trials of Paroxetine 19th June 1991
  • Deposition of Martin Teicher in Greer v Lilly 1996
  • Deposition of Charles Beasley in Espinosa v Lilly 1999

The following are a selection of the most crucial expert witness exhibits from the trial of Fentress v Eli Lilly: