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The Trials

Here can be found the transcripts of the trials and the expert witnesses depositions.

Fentress et al v Shea Communications et al
This was the trial following the murder spree of Joseph Wesbecker at his place of work in Louisville, Kentucky, which led to the death of 8 employees at the Standard Gravure plant there followed by his own suicide. Wesbecker had been on Prozac. An account of the legal manoeuvrings before, during and after the trial can be found in Chapter 4 of Let Them Eat Prozac.

Forsyth v Eli Lilly and Company
After 10 days on Prozac, William Forsyth stabbed his wife, June, 15 times before impaling himself on a serrated kitchen knife up on a chair. The remaining Forsyth family took out an action against Eli Lilly, the makers of Prozac. See Chapters 5 and 7 of Let Them Eat Prozac.

Tobin v SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
With a prior history of a poor response to an SSRI, Don Schell was put on Paxil. Forty-eight hours later he put three bullets from two different guns through his wife, Rita’s, head, as well as through his daughter, Deborah’s, head and through his granddaughter, Alyssa’s, head before shooting himself through the head. See Chapter 10 of Let Them Eat Prozac.

Critical Documents
A number of key exhibits from the Fentress and Forsyth cases as well as other documents relating to Zoloft and Paxil are available here.