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Forsyth v Eli Lilly and Company

Click on a date for the transcript:

3-1-99 Pre-trial conference       

3-2-99 Choosing the jury

3-3-99 Jury selection       

3-4-99 Exhibit selection

3-5-99 Opening statements and witnesses Dennis Kim and William David Forsyth

3-8-99 Photographic and video evidence.     

3-9-99  William David Forsyth, E. L Nelson, D Capelouto, W Klein, The Daubert Hearing, Catherine Pert and David Healy

3-10-99 Daubert Hearing, David Healy, B Comstock, David Healy

3-11-99 David Healy,

3-12-99 David Healy, A Lee, R Neal, D Smith, R Roberts.

3-16-99 R Roberts, R Shlensky

3-17-99 R Shlensky, T Brady, K Forsyth, S Forsyth.

3-18-99 G Tollefson

3-19-99 G Tollefson, K Tardiff

3-23-99 D Matthews, V Reus.

3-24-99 V Reus, B Eliashof

3-25-99 W D Forsyth, R Maris, Charles Beasley.

3-29-99 Trial Business

3-30-99 Trial Business

3-31-99 Jury Instructions and Closing Arguments.